Ocarina Lessons From Cris Gale

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Want to learn how to play the ocarina?  Why not get lessons from one of the best ocarinists in the community? The incomparable Ocarina Diva, Cris Gale, now offers private ocarina lessons online!

While there is lots of material available on the Internet to help you learn to play the ocarina, and I am always happy to answer question for my customers, sometimes you just need to have that live one on one interaction with someone to really learn effectively.  I can think of no better instructor than Cris Gale, the Ocarina Diva herself.  An ocarinist with years of experience, blessed with kind patience and a helpful personality, Cris is definitely the right person to give ocarina lessons.

Some words from the Ocarina Diva:

Music lessons are much more than simply teaching you how to play an instrument. For many people, the hardest part about learning a new instrument isn't playing it, but having realistic goals for improvement  as well as a direction on how to reach those goals. Lessons not only teach, but also motivate.  Let's say there's a piece/song you want to learn to play, but it is too difficult for you right now.  A good teacher will help you develop skills so that you can accomplish your goal.  While the ocarina is an easy instrument to learn, some people would prefer to use their time as efficiently as possible and private ocarina lessons can definitely help.  Whether you are a beginner that is interested in fundamentals, or advanced and working on a particularly difficult piece, I can help!

Cost : $25 per 30 minutes of tutelage.  Ocarina lessons are typically 30/60 minutes.

Ocarina Lesson Requirements: 

1. An ocarina.
2. A computer capable of receiving and streaming audio/video over the internet.
3. A free Skype account (Lessons also available via Apple FaceTime).

To order :  Simply click on the link below, (opens in a new window or tab) and fill out the form on the left side of the page to book a lesson with Cris.

Book an ocarina lesson with Cris Gale.

Check this video of Cris Gale playing a Hamlett Alto C.