Fingering Charts

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I always include the fingering charts when I ship an ocarina, but sometimes they get misplaced after a while. So here are the fingering charts for all of my ocarinas.


The ocarina is a C transposing instrument, so the C fingering chart is a must. However, I sometimes like to play the other tunings in actual concert pitch as opposed to transposing the music. This is particularly valuable when faced with a piece of music that is just slightly outside the normal range of a C ocarina. For this reason I always include a "concert pitch " fingering chart with any ocarina not tuned to C. As far as I know, I am am the only maker that does this.


Click the links below to download the fingering chart for your ocarina.

All of the charts are in PDF format. You will need the free ADOBE Reader to view PDF files. It can be downloaded and installed from the ADOBE website.