Still Making Ocarinas!

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I'm still here!

I recently had a couple of customers express some concern about the status of my ocarina shop, and about Firefox's login warning.

If you can order it, I can make it...

I confess, I've been a bit lazy about maintaining the web site.  I've had several ideas for articles I've wanted to write for this site, but I just haven't followed up on them.  I guess I'd just rather make ocarinas, or play them, than write about them.  However, I am still taking orders and making ocarinas for people, and I have no plans to stop doing that anytime soon.  If I were going to stop, I'd take the web site ordering system offline first, so if you can place an order, then I'm still in business.

Security Concerns

A recent update to Firefox web browser now flags any login to a site without SSL encryption as an unsafe login.   But it's okay to login to, and here's why:

I don't use SSL encryption on the website because I don't collect any personal or financial information.  During the checkout process,  there are two available payment options: Paypal,  or Check/Money Order.   If you select the check or money order option,  you will be shown the mailing address. 

However,  the Paypal option opens a new window from,  and that page is secure.  The customer needs to login to Paypal,  and all of the financial and shipping address information is behind Paypal's secure encrypted connection. 

I'm actually a software engineer by trade,  and an advocate of online privacy, so I don't collect any information that I don't need,  and I know that services like Paypal have much better security than I could ever put on my web site alone.  I let Paypal handle the secure transaction,  and I stick to what I do best, which is making ocarinas. 

Richard A. Hamlett
April 18, 2017