Hamlett Ocarinas Temporary Shutdown

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To: All of my customers and ocarina friends,

My wife and I recently decided to sell our house and build a new one. We put it on the market and it sold a lot quicker than we imagined, under contract in 5 days. We close on July 3rd and have to be out by then. Our new house won't be completed for another five or six months. In the meantime, we will have to move into a small apartment and put most of our belongings in storage.

Because I will be living in a rental apartment for a few months, there will be nowhere that I could possibly setup a workshop and kiln. I probably won't even be able to play an ocarina for fun, let alone tune them, without disturbing someone. So the ocarina business will have to go on hiatus until I move into my new house.  That's why I've set all products on the web site to "No Stock" so that no new orders can be submitted.

Our new house will have a wonderful space for a new workshop. That was one of the important things we looked for when house shopping, a larger space for my ocarina workshop. I hope to be in my new house and have my shop set up by mid-November, but until then, I'm afraid I won't be able to do anything much ocarina related. It's going to kill me not being able to play or make ocarinas, but I will try to stay in touch with all of my customer friends on TON and Facebook.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during what will be a most difficult time for me.

Richard Hamlett  

June 1, 2014