Now available to order! Soprano F 12 hole

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I'm now offering a new ocarina that many people have asked for in the past.  The Soprano F is a very popular choice for ocarina players looking for alternate tunings to the standard Alto C. 

Hamlett Soprano F 12 Hole

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The Hamlett Soprano F 12 hole single chamber ocarina is a perfect fourth higher than the Alto C, and one whole tone higher than the Soprano Eb. It has a bright, clean sound, with a very slight hint of texture.  This ocarina has a clear and resonant tone throughout the full range from D5 to Bb6, a slightly extended range due to the extra sub-hole.  The breath requirements are comfortably moderate with a gently sloping breath curve.  It is fully chromatic and capable of play all sharps and flats.

This ocarina is exactly the same size, shape and weight as the Eb 11 hole.  That's because both ocarinas have the same fundamental pitch, D5, and this ocarina uses the same production mold as the Eb 11 hole. 

As with all of my ocarinas, I can offer them in just about any color or finish you would like, in either a kiln fired glaze, or acrylic and lacquer.  The 12 color patterns that are listed on the order page are just ones that I happen to like, or special glazes that are particularly good for ocarinas due to their texture and durability.  Feel free to ask for your ocarina in any color by selecting the Let me pick my colors option on the order page.  Then send me an email and describe for me what you would like to see on your ocarina.