The Ocarina Network

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An online forum serving the ocarina community since April 27th 2008. 


The ocarina network is probably the largest online community of ocarina players and makers.  All different ages and skill levels are represented, from kids just discovering that the ocarina is actually a real instrument and not just a magical made up thing from Legend of Zelda, to veteran players with professionally recorded CD's, to world famous ocarina makers like Durien Songbird, Zach Shih, and Spencer Register.     

A wealth of information and help can be found on TON, sheet musics and tabs, eBay listings and trade offers, ocarina reviews of all different makes and types of ocarinas.  One of the most helpful things about TON is the people. All ocarina questions are welcome, and someone is always willing to respond with helpful advice or information.  Usually a number of people respond and you end up with more information and help than you ever thought one simple question could generate.

One of the most helpful areas for me as a new player was the YouTube Videos forum.  Players of any skill level can record themselves playing the ocarina and get helpful advice on how to improve. And I mean helpful, constructive, advice, not flaming.  Learn about things like vibrato, articulation, and intonation. All this things that turn a series of notes into actual music.

I encourage everyone who has any interest in learning to play the ocarina to join TON and get involved in the community.   

Click on the logo above or the link below to open a new browser window to TON.

The Ocarina Network