11 Hole Soprano D - Choose your color

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Click on the small image above for a close-up. The ocarinas pictured above are for color reference and may not be the same tuning as this listing.


  • The ocarina ordered here will be made especially for you as a custom order according to the color you select.  
  • Orders will usually be completed and shipped within 30 days.

The Soprano D 11 hole single chamber ocarina is one whole tone higher than the Alto C, giving it a brighter and cleaner sound. This ocarina has a clear and resonant tone throughout the full range from C#5 to G6, with a very slight hint of texture. The breath requirements are slightly higher than the 12 hole Alto C, but still moderately easy with a gently sloping breath curve. It is fully chromatic and capable of play all sharps and flats.

Included with the ocarina are two fingering charts, one for the C transposition and one for actual concert pitch, a neck strap cord, and a certificate of authenticity.


  • Color/Finish: Select color and finish from the options above.
  • Length:5.62 inches (14.27cm)
  • Width:3.5 inches (8.89cm)
  • Height:1.5 inches (3.81cm)
  • Weight:5.5 oz. (157g)
  • Pitch Range:A4 - F6

Sound samples:

Please check out these sound samples. These are raw recordings on the ocarina.

Full Scale: D5 to G6, then G6 to D5


Tchaikovsky Raw Sample


Here is a quick performance sample using a Hamlett Alto C Ocarina. The Alto C model is one whole tone lower in pitch, but other wise sounds the same as this Alto D model.

How Great Thou Art (Video)

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