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This simple yet haunting melody is a traditional Japanes favorite. It is a popular song to play on the ocarina and happens to fit the range and key of this Eb perfectly.

Here is an English translation of the Japanese Lyrics:

On the beach beneath a blue moon night,
birds cry out, searching for their parents.
They emerge from the land of waves.
Their wet wings the color silver.

Such grief from these birds, crying in the dark.
Crossing the sea, seeking their parents.
They disappear into the land of night.
Young beach plovers with silver wings.


MP3 Audio Download:

You can play it too!

Download the backtrack and the sheet music and learn to play this song on your ocarina. I love to see videos on YouTube or listen to recordings posted on SoundCloud. If you make a recording, please share it with us on my Facebook page or as a video response on my YouTube Channel. It doesn't need to be a Hamlett ocarina, as long as you have fun you can use any ocarina you like.

Click here to download the sheet music PDF

Backtrack MP3