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I am very pleased to have been able to provide ocarinas to people all over the world.  I am also proud of the fact that most of my customers didn't stop with just one ocarina.  After experiencing the care and craftsmanship that I put into each piece, many have come back and ordered additional instruments in other tunings.  See what some of my customers are saying about their Hamlett ocarinas...


"Hamlett, I'll be giving plenty of recommendations to people for your ocarinas. Both of the new ones are fantastic; I hope to make a review of them soon, and use them in some videos...

Richard, thank you so much for your seemingly endless generosity and superb professionalism. You are going to go very far as a maker.

Like I said, you're in for it! A heap more orders, that is."

Campbell (Australind, Australia)

"I got an 11 hole AC from Richard a couple of weeks back and I think it's excellent, I will be definitely be adding more Hamletts to my collection! The colours and finish of his Ocarinas are very, very good! But if you did a blindfold test and couldn't see the different finishes available, IMO you would buy it for the sound/tone quality. These really are top drawer Ocarinas."

John W. (Dublin, Ireland)

"I'm Very pleased, and as others who have purchased from Hamlett have said, and I agree, "it's an EXCEPTIONAL ocarina"

His willingness to speak with his customers and fix their issues with his ocarinas is beyond phenomenal and as others have said THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY."

Federico (Santa Barbara, California)

"I am absolutley delighted with the new ocarinas. I love all the finishes on all my Hamlett ocarina's (Eb, D, C, Bb and G) but to be honest my favourite is that icy cool blue and silver finish on the G.

Each ocarina is immaculately tuned and I can't fault any of them for any reason. The breath slopes are all very intuitive and I've adjusted to each ocarinas requirements rather quickly. I truly am a very happy customer. I prize my Hamlett ocarina's as they each feel special to me in their own unique way.

I would also like to say that its nice you took the time to email me. Not many makers/sellers enquire how their customers are enjoying the ocarinas they purchase from them. You offer customer service and attention above the call of duty.

Once again I'm exteremly happy with my latest acquisitions from you. Still waiting on that double."

Kevin (Offaly, Ireland. Owner of 5 Hamlett ocarinas.)

"What a great ocarina...it is AWESOME! Thank you so much! I love the tone, and the high notes sound great. There seems to be a little give up there, so that there is some leeway when blowing a note, and you can work into it. The size and design is great, and so is the finish. I like everything about it, including the price. Keep doing what you're doing...you're certainly one of the best out there, no doubt."

Upon receiving his second Hamlett ocarina, Kerry also had this to say:

"I just opened up and played the AG that you made for me. In one word, WOW! It is amazing. I can't find anything that I don't like about it. The finish and colour is outstanding, period. The tone and playing characteristics are top-notch. The back pressure and volume are excellent for me. It has a beautiful tone, so mellow and soothing! The tuning is spot on the money. The ergonomics are perfect (again, for me). Thank you so much, you certainly have a high standard for your productions. Your customer service is beyond reproach."

Kerry (Manitowoc, Wisconsin - Owner of 5 Hamlett ocarinas)

"I just wanted to let you know that we think your AC ocarina that I purchased from you is an excellent ocarina! It has become my 15 year old son's favourite AC ocarina. He plays it in every performance, and it sounds absolutely superb. Thank you for making us such a great ocarina. I have given this ocarina to him since it is the one he always performs and practices with. I will need to purchase another from you very soon. Thank you again!"

Roger (Missionary, Dominican Republic. Owner of 4 Hamlett ocarinas.)

"I truly love my Hamlett oc, and treasure it above all my other ocarinas. I personally wish that this had been my first oc[arina] ..., because of how comfortable and clear it sounds."

Stephen (US Army, Japan - Owner of 2 Hamlett Ocarinas)

"The ocarina arrived yesterday. It's a beauty. I must say, you have very good consistency in manufacture and voicing... The breath requirements are good. Rising breath from low to high notes with sufficient back pressure to allow playing passages without totally emptying your lungs. Not so high you feel like you're drowning. Good ergonomic design makes the ocarina easy to hold and play. You're definitely on the right track and I look forward to seeing future Hamlett Ocarinas designs."

Jack (Illinois)